Job:  Welder

Classification:  Non-exempt

Schedule:  10-hour shift, Monday – Thursday.  Overtime as assigned.

 Job summary:  A welder will join metal with tools that superheat welding materials into a liquid for purpose of creating an unbreakable joint. 

Responsibilities:  Must be able to read and understand blueprints prior to starting a project.  Source the materials to be used in that project.  Must be accurate at measuring and cutting materials to specifications. Able to use the correctwelding materials to join the metals together.  Check finished work to make sure it falls within tolerances on the blueprint. Performs other duties as assigned.

Skills:  Knowledge of manual and mechanical welding techniques along with metallurgy.  Capable of using practices, including TIG, MIG, arc and oxy-fuel welding.     Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.

Physical requirements:  May have to lift-up to 50-100 lbs.


Equal Opportunity Employer